Slice of Life Cup of Sunshine, Cup of Joy.


Slice of LIfe Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers

It’s raining, of course.

I step out of my car to get my bags, and realize I need to zip my raincoat. So, I put my coffee cup down on the booster seat. I zip up, grab my bags and start walking into school. I turn back  to my car as soon as I realize that I’ve left my coffee, and I know before I get there that it must have fallen and spilled.

Not only did it fall and spill, it actually emptied. I bring the cup into school anyway, so that I can make tea, and I think about how happy I am that this rainy bad morning is a Tuesday. “At least I have a slice,” I think. I look down at my cup and see that I have actually spilled my cup of sunshine on a rainy day. How poetic. 


Later my allergies will still be acting up, and I’ll notice a rip in my scarf. I’ll wonder if I should write an “Unfortunately/fortunately” poem, and then quickly realize that form needs some “fortunately” to balance it out. No pressure on this cup of tea, or the people I work with this afternoon, but I’m banking on them being that balance.


3 thoughts on “Slice of Life Cup of Sunshine, Cup of Joy.

  1. I knew the coffee was forgotten but wasn’t expecting the spill. I love how those unfortunate events turn into slices. My plans were totally different for my slice today, I found more SOL gems in my kids’ journals. I’ll save them for a while:)

  2. Love the juxtapositions in life: “that I have actually spilled my cup of sunshine on a rainy day.”

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