A slice of the Eye-roll

Slice of LIfePart of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers

A Slice of the Eye-roll

She rolls her eyes – just a flick upwards. She’s so mad.

Grabs the paper from me. She’s so mad.

Get’s in the elevator. She’s so mad.

It looks like she is going to stand facing the corner, but she turns around and I laugh and tell her “I thought you were so mad you were going to go stand in the corner.”  

It’s always worth a try at a little joke.

She laughs, but quickly. Like a groan. She’s so mad.

She says, “You didn’t ask me if I wanted to go.”

I say, “You’re right.”

She’s so mad.

But the elevator keeps going on its short trip.


We’re there, we walk in and she starts filling out paperwork. She’s so mad.

Jams the pen to the paper, scribbles notes.

Rolls her eyes like a teenager, yes.

But also tantrums like a very quiet toddler.

Then a service dog walks by. He’s adorable, decides to nap.

She takes a break from being mad. Because, dog.

“I know what I’ll do whenever you are really mad at me!” I say. “I’ll just bring a puppy with me! Or flash a picture of a dog. Then I know you’ll smile.”

She rolls her eyes again, but this time with the smile still on her face.

This eye roll is friendlier, it has humor.


7 thoughts on “A slice of the Eye-roll

  1. What a great slice – I love how you brought this moment to life. The repetition and the step by step details slow the reader down and invite us in. I have two teenagers so I can relate.

  2. I too am familiar with the friendly and not so friendly eye roll. Isn’t the eye roll amazing? It says soooo much with no words. The amount of communication is astounding! I appreciated this post today and I agree, it never hurts to try and throw in a joke. Occasionally it totally works!

  3. I loved the repetition and rhythm of “she’s so mad” – it moved the story forward while making me curious about what had happened. (I love that I’m still curious, and yet the story also feels complete!) A truly well-crafted slice!

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