A (Hypocritical) Slice of Life

Slice of LIfePart of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers


I’ve sat here for half an hour. I’ve let my kids play on a screen for half an hour of quiet so I could write a slice.

Get back to slicing, Ona. Get back to slicing. 

You might know the drill — Write, delete, write, tap your fingers on the desk, delete, stare into space. . . repeat.

You like writing, Ona. Practice, Ona. Bad writing is still writing, Ona. . . 


On the way to school today, my 9 year old reminded me that he doesn’t like writing.

I reminded him that he is so creative, and he loves drawing and writing stories!

He gave me a look. “If we were like everyone else and went on a lot of great vacations every spring break and summer and winter break, then I’d have a lot to write about! I don’t have any topics!”

So I told him that really those stories all about someone’s whole vacation to Disney aren’t the most exciting ones to read…  “You have small moments happen to you all the time! Those are the things to write about.”

And now I’m writing about that small moment. How meta of me. 

And now I have no topic. How hypocritical of me. 




2 thoughts on “A (Hypocritical) Slice of Life

  1. I am surprised to see so few likes and no comments on this. I thought it was beautiful. Seemingly small moments in life can be huge.

    I am faced right now with many small moments I want to share in a book on which I have been working, compiling memories from life in the wilderness of Alaska. One thing I have recently expressed as troubling me about the project is my frustration over how to make small moments take up more space on a page. Because they really are big and I want the reader to feel them as I do.

  2. PS: I am confused about your last line. How is it not a topic? I gathered that small moments themselves were the topic, and you beautifully painted one of them between yourself and your child.

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