My Grandpa’s Unfinished Sailboat: A Slice of Life

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My Grandpa’s Unfinished Sailboat

I made the kids stop at the lake before we drove home. I just wanted to see the water.
But then we also saw sailboats.

And the kids positioned themselves on rocks.
So I took a picture, and I looked at the boats

And I thought of my Grandpa’s unfinished sailboat, sitting in his garage.
My Grandpa died in August.
And I thought of my mom and dad, cleaning out my Grandpa’s house.

When we got home, I noticed my mom had listed my Grandpa’s unfinished sailboat.
It’s an ad for a sailboat, but I think it’s poetry.

Mirror Dinghy 2-Person Sailboat
This is a British sailboat kit that my father began making
It is almost finished – just needs sanding and wood finish (or paint)
It has been stored in my Dad’s garage for several years
The seams still look excellent
We have all the pieces –
main boat,

He and mom were planning on doing sailing –
mom took swimming lessons so she could go sailing –
then she got sick


2 thoughts on “My Grandpa’s Unfinished Sailboat: A Slice of Life

  1. I’m sorry about the loss of your grandfather. Photographs make for such a wonderful memory. Those beautiful photographs of your grandpa’s unfinished sailboat are treasures. I completely agree, that ad does ring poetic.

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