A slice of an award, please.

Slice of LIfe

Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers

There should probably be an award, right?
I chose to write tonight –

Instead of watching Handmaid’s Tale
and even though I don’t have much to say
Or rather – I have too much to say, but not here.

I chose to write tonight –

Instead of playing fetch with my cat, Talula
and even though my cat, Talula hunts my cursor
Or rather – anything that moves on the screen, like the letters filling this page.

I chose to write tonight –

Instead of doing the work piled up
and even though the work is actually piled up on my desk
Or rather – the to do lists and notebooks and post its are piled up.

I chose to write tonight.

So, can I have just a slice of an award, please?

10 thoughts on “A slice of an award, please.

  1. I adore that you chose to write and to share with us, Ona! Sometimes we find our way towards writing when we think we don’t have much to say. BUT YOU DID… and you wrote a poem to boot!

    Are you planning to do the 14th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge next month? If so, then I’d like to use this post as a “Be Inspired” piece in one of the daily calls for slice of life stories. I think it’ll inspire people who feel stuck. If that’d be okay, please email me – stacey{at}staceyshubitz{dot}com by 2/15 with the permalink to this post and I’ll get it scheduled. THANKS!

  2. Love how you wrote about having too much to write but not any of it writing you want to share in a public space. Yet, it reads like a poem. You have a lot to say. And for showing up, you get to reward yourself!

  3. Way to go! There are so many things that pull our attention, it’s easy to put off writing. I am glad you chose to write and share pictures of Talula! Very cute 🙂

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