#sol21 March 1: Old Witch Hands

Slice of LIfe

Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers March Slice a Day Challenge! I’m slicing every day this month. Thanks for stopping by.

Old Witch Hands

I can't stop thinking about the way that old witch hands look in fairy tales
fingers wrinkled (not just skin)

my acupuncturist says that the cysts I have on my pinky fingers are on my heart meridian
because my heart is broken (not just bent)
warted - I guess

so I tell her that I can't stop thinking about old witch hands in fairy tales now
"You mean they are just broken-hearted?" 
I sob at this thought 
I empathize even more than normal with the witches - 

(because that's what I need now - more empathy
for witches) sarcasm intended

"There are lots of reasons not just heartbreak, Ona," my acupuncturist tells me

I tell her that it's not fair
2020-2021 is hard enough without my fingers 
erupting with heartbreak

she tells me to 
"Would you rather have a heart attack or a cyst on your finger, Ona?" she asks me. 

she's right, but I can't stop thinking about the witches in fairy tales.

9 thoughts on “#sol21 March 1: Old Witch Hands

  1. Oh witches hands! Mine have been moving that way for years but I had not put that image into my head. it is a good image and one I don’t think I want to hold on to. That said I love your writing today.

  2. I love this. The conversation between you and your doctor is so believable. I think many of us have found that our bodies our conveying and speaking to us this year; our inner turmoil finding a way out. Your connection with witches intrigues me. It makes me think of the magic witches can do and how they have a lot of power.

  3. Perhaps not a witch but a crone. A woman of WISDOM, of EXPERIENCE. Each wrinkle, each crack, each bump: EARNED. Right along with the crow’s feet. The wrinkles. All of it. Badges of honor.

    But yes. It is so hard to look at the changes in our body and not sometimes feel that sense of betrayal. I feel it so keenly, right along with you.

  4. I’m not gonna lie. I’ve read this post a few times thinking about what to comment…. it’s complex but also so relatable with a quirky Ona-twist. I love it and I can’t wait for slice 2!!!

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