#sol21 March 22 A driver . . . and A simple request!

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Hey everyone –

My daughter can drive now.
Like all by herself.
On the roads
YOU drive on

I think you know where this is going.

She was a baby who stretched her arms with her elbows bent
She wore sleepers and sleep sacks and slept in my arms for most of her babyhood
She was a toddler who called grapes “erdeps” and loved mud puddles
She watched Elmo over and over and changed her clothes 5 times a day in preschool –
always with a turn in the snow white dress

This was just yesterday, friends
And tomorrow she will be off to college

Metaphorically tomorrow –
Geez – I have more time than that.

So I have a request

That. Means. YOU.

It’s simple really.

Get off the road if you can
I mean do you really need to drive?
And if you must drive, do it safely
Obviously don’t drink or text or try to put your mascara on
Be safe and kind or stay home.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “#sol21 March 22 A driver . . . and A simple request!

  1. I love the twist and request at the end. As a mom of a 19 year old and 16 year old about to get his license, I feel your pain. I especially felt the line – this was yesterday and tomorrow is college – as a small pain in my heart. It goes by in a blink.

  2. oh I remember the day my daughter drove off in the car alone. That car never seems so big and heavy and dangerous until she was behind the wheel. She is a good driver it is just that she was once my baby and now with a baby of her own. It goes quickly as your writing reminds us! Nice post!

  3. We understand your sentiments, it takes time but eventually you will get used to the thought that your daughter is on the road and every other driver is not going to crash into her and it’s just another step in letting go!

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