A slice of a blow dry

Slice of LIfe
Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers Thanks for stopping by!

I blew my hair dry this morning
using my mom’s hair dryer
I find blowing my hair so boring
It takes forever
So I thought –
Because thinking –
Is one of my super powers

I thought about how my mom used to blow my hair dry for me
I thought about how when my hair is short it takes so much less time to blow dry
I wondered why my hair looks so good when the hair stylist blows it dry
I wondered how anyone ever has time for this sort of thing every day
I mean, why do I feel a need to blow dry my hair ever?
Yes, it looks better, blonder
Feels softer, smoother
But like, so what?

My first year teaching I used to arrive to school with dripping wet hair
(as if my mornings were so busy before I had kids)
(what the heck was I doing with my time?)
I would walk down the hallway, sometimes drying my soaking hair with school paper towels
You do know school paper towels, right?
Even slower to dry than a hair dryer
My principal would give me a little side eye if she passed me
She was a very proper woman
I was a very young second-grade teacher
I’m sure my dripping wet hair made her shudder

Deep in thought
The hair dryer switched to a quieter sound
It smelled even burnier than usual
My hair was almost all dry
But not quite
My goal had been totally dry hair
Laugh if you want, but this is a big goal for me
But the smell got worse, and the sound got weirder
So I had to turn it off

At least I tried

Anyone have a hair dryer recommendation?

2 thoughts on “A slice of a blow dry

  1. I hate blow drying my hair! Luckily I have a hair style (and don’t care too much) that I actually read while I blow dry. That said the Revlon One-Step hair dryer has been a game-changer! So fast.

  2. This is the second hair piece (ha! I just saw what I did there!) I came across today. Funny how the world brings us those moments of serendipity. As for me, with curly-girl hair, hair dryers and I have had a tenuous relationship. At best. I love the humor you bring to these lines and nestle among your thoughts – the overthinking as a super-power (YES!), the acknowledgement of how on earth we could have been so busy without kids, the frustration of trying to dry ANYTHING with school towels. All of it. I loved this piece. Alas, I’m not your best guide to hair dryers. We don’t even have one in our home!

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