A slice of the last day of summer

Slice of LIfe
Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers Thanks for stopping by!

I fell asleep with my glasses on last night
Trying to read, I guess.

I woke before the sun and couldn’t find my glasses.
They were nowhere.
I can’t see without my glasses.
I got on the floor, aimed the light from my phone, tried to catch a glimmer of an edge or a lens-
Tried to ignore the dust under the bed.

Finally I gave up and just stayed there for a bit
On the floor, with my head on my hands.
Awhile later I got up and found them on the other edge of my bed, neatly folded, waiting.

But I had already wondered —

What does it
to start the last real day of summer
with your hands as pillows
on the floor
waiting in the dark?

2 thoughts on “A slice of the last day of summer

  1. Oh, I love this so much! The panic of not being able to see (I feel your pain there), the glasses patiently waiting, the wondering if this moment was a sign. . . Funny and true.

  2. “What does it mean/ to start the last real day of summer/ blind/ with your hands as pillows/ on the floor/ waiting in the dark?” –what insight, especially as we begin this school year with seemingly the same level of chaos as last year, at least around here. My interpretation–we are blind to the back-channel workings of the powers that be. Hands as pillows–self care has never been more important. On the floor–starting from the bottom, yet again. Waiting in the dark–always receiving new information at the last minute, kept in the dark. May you survive, and yes, thrive, this school year!

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