A slice of Goodbyes

Slice of LIfe
Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers Thanks for stopping by!

I’m terrible at goodbyes.
I’ve cried
I moved away from a best friend,
a best friend moved away from me,
I just missed my cats’ last few breaths, twice
I drove away from my dying friend – every time I drove away.

I’ve even cried
my plays were over
I said goodbye to my first class of second graders
The custodians threw away my classroom couch
movies end
grandparents leave family gatherings in dramatic commercials

Of course I cried
I dropped off my daughter at college.

I’m terrible at goodbyes.
I don’t like them.
I guess I’m
stuck – in the past

Somehow when my soon to be ex-husband
Took a couch, a chair,
a toaster oven
over to his new house
I didn’t cry.

Maybe I’ve gotten all the tears out over the last year, and I’m done.

Who am I kidding?
I’m terrible at goodbyes.

6 thoughts on “A slice of Goodbyes

  1. Crying is ok. Not crying is ok. Writing things out is good. If there are good-byes, there are also hellos. May you find the strength to get unstuck. May you have opportunities to say hello to new discoveries, experiences and beautiful people. May you have many reasons to smile and laugh.

  2. So glad you feel safe in this space to write and work through your life right now. The line of yours that got me was the classroom couch being removed…so many moments occurred in that space. Of course tears. Do keep writing. It is the one thing that helps me through all the times in my life.

  3. Ona, I know how this feels! Also, twenty years post divorce, I know how it feels to look at something that seemed so important to keep, to “win” in the settlement, and know that I need it gone.

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