A slice of coffee

Slice of LIfe
Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers Thanks for stopping by!

Couch coffee used to be something to do together
And sometimes we still do, in these moments before he moves away
But soon I will be having couch coffee on my own
Well, with the cats

I walk downstairs in the morning
Happy that the Christmas lights are still shining
Cozy cheer to start the day
And end it

I fill the carafe with fresh water
He comes downstairs and finishes making the coffee
I’m still using my Christmas mug
The painted little mini Christmas lights match my tree

We sit on opposite ends of the couch
I remember we used to say we needed a love seat so we could sit closer together
We talk less and less each morning
Slowly ripping the bandaid

3 thoughts on “A slice of coffee

  1. Your poem captures so much raw emotion here within the small moment. I think the line “We talk less and less each morning” resonated the most with me. I’m wishing you the best as you traverse a difficult time and applauding you for writing about the tough stuff.

  2. I love the complexity of this piece. You have the coziness of the coffee and the Christmas decorations, and you balance it beautifully with the pulling away, the distancing between two people who were so close at one time. Lines like “and end it” strike me as full of double meaning. Ending the cheery day? Or ending the relationship?


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