I just have some questions about mornings

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I just have some questions about mornings

why do I set my alarm for 6:05?
and also 6:45?
and also 6:55?
when usually I’m up by 5:30?
but then stay on the couch having my coffee
until the last possible minute
before running upstairs to get ready for the day?
why are mornings so very rushed,
when I’m up for at least 2 hours before I have to leave?

why do I sneak around downstairs
to get my coffee without waking up the dog
because I don’t want to take him out in the dark yet
when he just sits and stares at me from the couch when I am ready
and when I need him to get moving or soon I will be late?

why does the dog,
the same one who hates rain and snow
and shakes off his paws when he’s walking on anything wet, or cold, or wet and cold
always walk to the middle of the snowy yard to poop in the morning?
also – why would I ever forget to wear my snow boots when I take him out?

why don’t my alarms wake anyone else up?
why does time move so weirdly in the morning?
why do I always think I’ll wash my hair when I know I’ll most likely use some dry shampoo?
why do I ever think I’ll have time to make, or pack, or make and pack oatmeal for breakfast?
why do I have to beg my children to wear coats to school?

Why mornings?
Why mornings?

4 thoughts on “I just have some questions about mornings

  1. Yes, why mornings. I will say that after I retired I no longer worried about getting up at a certain time or being ready to leave the house at a preset time.

  2. I like how you show your morning routine even though it’s “rushed.” I am so with you on the multiple alarms. Mornings would be so much easier if they weren’t so morning-ish.

  3. I love this collection of questions you’ve brought to us, and i love the way you set off your “I just have a question” right at the top line there. It’s like, you’re gearing up and want to make sure we’re listening. I am, I am!

  4. Your questions reminded me of the book I WONDER (by K.A. Holt), which I recently read to my son. You’re asking good questions, some of which I’ve often asked when I’m slogging through a morning with my kids.

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