5 thoughts on “#sol22 March 7 There Should Be a “Doodle”

  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I love this!!!! Donavin played me the first few rounds we Wordled together, he was doing the puzzle on his computer to learn the word, and then “guessing on the first try” from his phone, while it was taking me four or five moves. I was ready to call the Guinness Book that my kid was a genius until I caught him in the act *insert facepalm emoji here*

  2. I can’t Wordle now that I’m slicing and I have a much older family member who keeps finding new “le” games too. No! No! No! I’m way too busy! Love your Doodle!

  3. I’m so proud!!!!! I’ve always admired your stick people, too. Highest compliments to your #graphicnovelslice!!!

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