#sol22 March 24 Piano Lessons

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I’m sitting at the piano, relearning things I learned decades ago.

Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge
Great Big Dogs Fool Around
All Cows Eat Grass

I’m 44 and I’m still reciting these things as I stare at music.

My first piano teacher was my best friend. We sat at her piano and she taught me to number my fingers, and how to play Mary Had a Little Lamb (32123332223553212333322321).

Then I had a piano teacher who came to my house every week. When I moved in 5th grade, I had a piano teacher whose house I went to every week.

In college my then-boyfriend, now ex-husband and I had my old piano teacher come over once a week to give us lessons. Soon we realized we weren’t ever practicing, since nobody was making us. So, when he came over we were paying him to play the piano for us. I mean, he was an amazing piano player…But I’ve never been wealthy enough to hire my very own concert pianist. Is that even a thing?

Now I’m learning by myself again. This time my teacher is an app, instead of a human, but I’m still basically the same kind of piano student that I’ve always been. (Although, I do practice more, and for longer, and with more joy now.)

I’ve always hated to count, but I don’t actually have any natural rhythm. So I have to count. My app plays along with me which helps me with my pace, and the measures move from right to left on my phone screen. I still don’t ever get 100% on the rhythm score at the end of each song. My teachers used to write things like “COUNT!” at the top of my sheet music, and I have “I-e-and-a-2-e-and-a” etched in my skull. But I still think to myself “Oh, I can just play this now.” And then I picture one of my piano teachers and the way they would remind me to count. Every week.

I am relearning things I already knew. Sometimes my son will call out from the other room, “That sounded good, mom” and twice I played for my parents.

They said they enjoyed it and also that they would look for the old metronome if I wanted it…

3 thoughts on “#sol22 March 24 Piano Lessons

  1. There is something so satisfying about making music, even if we have been away from it for a while. I can’t play the piano, but I did take accordion lessons and still have mine, though it is not in any playable shape.

  2. Inspiring…I took piano lessons for 9 years, competed in several competitions throughout elementary school and then got into late HS and college and stopped playing. I think I just burnt out. Sad, really…I sit at a piano now I close my eyes and play whatever muscle memory allows. It’s so weird. It totals maybe 3 songs…even thought I still read music! HAHA!

    Stick with it, Ona! Worth the investment!

  3. Learning the piano is on my bucket list. I hope I get to it sooner than later. You inspire me! Keep at it!

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