#sol22 March 25 Remembering Kansas

Slice of LIfe
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My 12-year-old wore his t-shirt from Oz today.

“I love that t-shirt,” his brother told him.

“Me too,” I said. “It reminds me of our trip!”

“It doesn’t even seem like that was on our trip.” One of the boys said. He was right. Kansas was one of the first places we stayed on our 3 week road trip last summer. It feels like a lifetime ago.

There’s no place like home, but we do miss our road trip. Even Kansas! Kansas was where we met the cutest little kitten. I don’t know what his actual family called him, but to us, he will always be little Pepper Jack.

When I was planning the trip, everyone said it didn’t matter which road I took through Kansas, they were all boring, all flat.

So I was surprised to see such beautiful rolling green hills.

We stopped in Oz, where everything was even greener.
We took pictures in the Oz museum.
I got close to one of my childhood nightmares… a FlyingMonkey!

I always thought the Flying Monkeys were scarier than the witch.

Come to think of it, we didn’t see many witches while we were in Kansas. I guess they hadn’t moved there yet.

10 thoughts on “#sol22 March 25 Remembering Kansas

  1. Western Kansas is lovely and surprising, I’d agree. Thank you so much for sharing the memories of your trip.

    Also? Totally agree with you. Some of the minor characters, flying monkeys included, were downright scary!

  2. I think the witches avoid Kansas due to the flying houses. Love the photos. My youngest had a shirt that said, “It’s all fun and games until the flying monkeys attack!” when he was in middle school. As a senior he played the Lion in The Wiz. We might need to visit Kansas.

  3. This went totally over my head, I actually thought Oz was Australia at first (because we call it that here, how ridiculous and country centred!)…but it was fun to meet you yesterday via zoom, so I thought I’d drop by and say ‘hi’!!

  4. The pictures work so well, and the connections and collections of memories inspired by a t-shirt make for a great slice of life. I really thought that kitten was going to be along for the road trip, but sounds like she stayed in Kansas!

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