A Slice of kitten discipline

Part of Slice of Life at Two Writing Teachers

You might be worried about baby Clyde, the smallest creature in our house.

But, let me assure you.

He holds his own.

The dog backs away from his hiss.

He chases his older cat brother and sister around the house, and sometimes off of the cat tree.

At dinner time today, Clyde ate all of the big cats’ food. So I gave them some more. He ate that too.

Later, when he went upstairs, I gave the big cats another helping.
He must have heard the food clattering into the dish, because I soon heard his feet pattering down the steps.

This is why, if you had looked in my window tonight, you would have seen me spraying a sweet, tail-less baby kitten with a water spray bottle … so that the other cats could eat.

Yes, I used the same spray bottle I told my 15 year old to stop using not two hours ago, when I felt that he might have been over-disciplining baby Clyde.

I get it now.

You don’t need to worry about baby Clyde.

I promise.

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