Last night, This morning. (So proud, I just know it)

Last night, like every night, I did the few remaining dishes in the sink. I wanted to put them in the dishwasher. But I hadn’t asked the boys to put away the clean dishes, and it just wasn’t worth the extra effort. So instead I piled more clean dishes on top of the drying rack, and hoped no cat mischief would knock any plates to their death like last week. I rescued my favorite plate and put it in the cabinet just in case. So proud!

Last night, like every night, I set the coffee up for this morning. I love that “Brew Later” button. Even if I’ve fallen asleep on the couch, or watched one too many episodes of something, I can convince myself that my“6-am self” will really appreciate the 2 minutes of effort tonight. So proud!

Last night, like every night, I started reading in bed but only made it a chapter or two before my eyes started closing. Somehow, I noticed this, and turned off my bedside lamp before falling asleep. I even took my glasses off! So proud!

This morning, like every morning, I woke up way before my 6:00 alarm. I turn off the “Brew Later” button, and click “Brew Now.” I heat up some oatmilk for my coffee, and stare at the pile of dishes. I think about how some people would use this extra morning hour to put away those clean dishes. I should use this time, I just know it!

This morning, like every morning, I get tired of waiting for the slow coffee pot to finish up. I take the pot out, hoping it’s a pause and serve. I pour my cup, replace the pot, and walk to the couch. The coffee finishes brewing by the time I sit down. I wonder if this is an analogy that I’m supposed to learn form. Something about patience, I bet. The coffee is done literally moments after I can’t wait any longer — every day. I’m supposed to learn from this, I just know it!

This morning, like every morning, I sit on the couch and watch the cats figure out their social order. I tell myself I should be getting stuff done in these quiet early bird hours. Soon I might close my eyes again. I might even fall asleep until my next alarm tells me it is time to get ready for school. There will be time later to get stuff done later, I just know it.

4 thoughts on “Last night, This morning. (So proud, I just know it)

  1. Your slice has a peacefulness to it. I think it comes through because of the repetitiveness in oyur beginning and ending paragraph lines. You capture SO much but relaying the small late night moments and early morning moments. I’m so proud of you, too!! (and I may steal your format!). Thanks for sharing.

  2. I too love my strong filter coffee in the mornings. I sit on the swing in our verandah, read blogs and listen to birds. It is so nice when we appreciate so much of what is good in us. I loved your post Thank you.

  3. I adored the structure of this piece, Ona. It made for such a strong piece of writing.

    I particularly liked the brew later/brew now paragraph. I need a button like that to just make my morning coffee! (I drink iced year-round so there’s no button to push.)

  4. I chucked several times while reading this, particularly at the cats figuring out their social order. I, too, pile dishes on the drying mat. I don’t even know how to make coffee. My husband, who doesn’t drink coffee, makes the coffee for me. That you make your own IS something to take pride in.

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