I can’t write

Part of Slice of Life at Two Writing Teachers

this is boring
and I don’t expect you
to read it

writer’s block
must mean I’m actually
a writer

even my journal
the self-love guided one
is closed

oh, I was gonna write
but then the cat fight happened
woke up the dog

now every line
is interrupted by my shouting

he can’t stop
the cat food is just sitting there
calling his name

even at 6 am
there are too many distractions
around me

easy roadblocks
around me but also in my head
I am a distraction

this is why
I can’t write anymore

5 thoughts on “I can’t write

  1. I dk if you see the humor in your piece but I really do! There you are at 6 AM trying to keep the dog out of the cat food, and life is on a loop. And I love the line that if you have writer’s block, you must be a writer, right? You cant write, but you painted a scene that made me laugh, and sympathize.
    PS- I’m sure I’ll have an “I cant write” piece one of the days next month!

  2. You wrote, you wrote a poem!, and it was fun to read. I have no doubt that we all will write “I have nothing to say” posts in March.

  3. I had to giggle as the words continued, despite the feeling that you weren’t writing. I am dreading this writing wall that I can already predict for the SOLSC….

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