Magic Poetry Slice

Part of Slice of Life at Two Writing Teachers

The live Verizon agent wants me to
allow them

they want to know
“how your day going has been so far.”

Oh, Live Agent
Let me speak to you in poetry
instead of expletives
Maybe poetry is the
my phone bill needs. . .

How my day going has been so far —

My dog chewed something he found in the trash
My dog keeps trying to sneak upstairs
My cat is trying to steal the onions
This is how my day going has been so far

From my couch, I can see the laundry
I folded it
last week
and the bills I just paid
I should be working
This is how my day going has been so far

I am once again on my phone with
yet another live chat agent
This is how my day going has been so far

There have been so many
on these live chats
I have renamed them,
Lie chats
This is how my day going has been so far

This Verizon Agent
Oh, this Verizon agent
is trying their best

I appreciate them
doing their job
but I might throw my phone across the room

“You’re like family to Verizon and we can’t let you unhappy at any point.”
This agent tells me

And maybe this poem
is magic
because this Verizon agent
My favorite one so far
Assures me that they will take care of it for me

There is hope
The sun is going down
My dog is resting
and my favorite Verizon agent signed off
“Your appreciate is my trophy,” they tell me

It’s like they know I’m writing poetry

3 thoughts on “Magic Poetry Slice

  1. I have felt this exact way when speaking to people on the phone about the phone. Maybe next time I will write a poem about it. 🙂 My favourite is when they repeatedly remind me I could be doing all of this myself online. Ha

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