March 7 Saul Goodman

I’m writing every day of March for the Slice of Life Challenge at Two Writing Teachers.

I did the few dishes that were in the sink just now, looked up at my window and didn’t startle at the face looking back at me: Saul Goodman

I didn’t startle because I watched my 16 year old put that cutout of his art work up there.

In fact, I watched him cut it out on the way to dinner. He had laminated it with strips of packing tape, leaning against the dashboard.

It’s not exactly the art I used to have all over when the kids were little. It’s not exactly the decor I’m looking for in my kitchen. But, I left it up in the window frame. I live with teenage boys and I’m kind of used to nonsense. I mean, a million pairs of socks have been discarded in random spots.We laugh a lot, though, which makes it worth it.

So tonight I’m finding Breaking Bad character art — I think I noticed Walter White on my nightstand…

1 thought on “March 7 Saul Goodman

  1. This made me laugh so hard because with two toddler boys…. Well, we’re not quite at Breaking Bad characters. We just recently cleared one entire side of the fridge for my three year old’s art work. I’m glad to know the art evolves 😉

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