March 6 The Trash Truck

I’m writing every day of March for the Slice of Life Challenge at Two Writing Teachers.

I looked out the front door window this afternoon and saw the trash truck up the street. It looked just like the toy we used to have.

The trash truck was an event when the kids were little.

“The trash truck is coming!” I’d say, and little feet would come running. In the summer we would sit on the porch steps watching it.

But today I didn’t even think to announce it.

I’m pretty sure if I had, nobody would have cared.

Sad, but also . . . My 16 year old was down in the basement fixing a door and installing a new lock.

So, there’s an upside to all this growing up my kids have the audacity to do.

4 thoughts on “March 6 The Trash Truck

  1. Yes! The track truck was an event when the kids were little. We were so lucky to have the bright red trash truck visit us each week. Amelia would stand on her tip toes and look out the window and shriek with delight.

    And yay for 16 year olds helping install new locks and fixing a door!

  2. Nice quick trip down memory lane! I can picture the kids all running to take in the sight of the trash truck. The sarcasm and humor in that last line put a smile on my face — how dare they actually grow up and put themselves to use! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Another great slice, Ona! Another bittersweet reminder of how life changes as our kids grow. During the “safe-at-home” era of Covid, my then 4 year old and I would all but put out a lawn chair in the driveway the day the garbage and recycling trucks came around! Weekly entertainment for sure.

  4. We used to sing a song about taking a ride in the garbage truck … Every once in a while it enters my head on garbage day!

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