March 20 Juicy Markers

I’m writing every day of March for the Slice of Life Challenge at Two Writing Teachers

We were preparing for our poetry garden in Writers’ Club today, by painting some rocks with pictures. Soon we will write our poetry words on rocks, but today was about decorating a few to leave our mark.

There were just a couple paint markers that still needed to be shaken and pressed, so I did that as I monitored the painting and talked with the kids. Then I started to realize I should be writing down what they were saying. There always seems to be a story or poem hiding in the things kids say.

Rock Painting with Elementary Kids:

I need to go over all of this-the colors are very dull
My marker is too juicy
OOPS! I didn’t mean to do that.
I think I’m done
Do you have anything to add? Because this is an amazing blue.

This is one day only!
I should have done a sugar cookie
There’s interference in the universe causing problems
My dad would say “Where’s the coral?” He’s a coral scientist

What are you doing?
I’m writing things everyone says – a found poem story!
…Ugh! Teachers!

It’s a portal to another universe
A new dimension

I’m serious
This is so juicy

I want the markers so bad
I’m not saying I’m asking for one. . . but I am.

3 thoughts on “March 20 Juicy Markers

  1. I agree- the poem is right there for the taking! Juicy markers is such an evocative phrase, yet also practical reality- love it! And your choice of the order matters- the last one SHOULD be the ending 🙂

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