March 23 The Books

I’m writing every day of March for the Slice of Life Challenge at Two Writing Teachers

In the first book I ever read, Ernie and Bert cleaned their room
I remember the pictures of the room getting tidier and tidier
a preschool Home Edit!
There was also Harold
and his purple crayon
and his imagination
all those pies
the way the moon was always in his window
Every time I go to the beach, I think about this book I had
about going to the ocean for the day
and the kids’ adventure of shells and a tidepool
Oh, and Sam!
He collected donuts and then used them to save a woman from a coffee flood
Who needs donuts? They asked
When you’ve got love?
Dooley battled that snortsnoot
once he was tall enough.
My shelf was full
I can picture the books, the stories
part of me
and I find myself hoping today
that as the pendulum swings and teachers hold on for dear life,
kids will still find themselves in the pages

3 thoughts on “March 23 The Books

  1. This is so beautiful! I loved your descriptions of books from childhood and the way you tap so perfectly into the details that stuck with you….and then your shift at the end–so powerful! Those last three lines are gorgeous and pack quite a punch. I’m so glad I happened across your post today!

  2. Your last two lines! Oh that darn pendulum. I’m right there with you–I hope kids still find themselves in the page as well. So lucky to have your voice and wisdom. ❤

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