March 31 My Plants

I’m writing every day of March for the Slice of Life Challenge at Two Writing Teachers

I’m keeping all of my plants a little bit alive.

I think it’s because I give them each the same amount of water. Once a week, maybe every two weeks, I remember to water them.

I know they each came with care instructions. My money plant does better if I give it two ice cubes once a week. My cactus is supposed to dry out before I water it again. I have some succulents I’m supposed to water from the bottom, and an African Violet that used to be one of a pair… it needs lukewarm water poured from the side. Oh, and a new jade plant that I need to make sure not to overwater.

But they all seem to survive if I just water them about once a week, sometimes forgetting.

Equitable watering for all.

I mean I do a little bit of intervention. If one of the plants really needs an extra dose of water that day, I’ll do it.

But for the most part, I’m not differentiating between plants. If I had a green thumb, then maybe I’d be able to decide what’s best for each and every plant. I think there is an app that helps you determine what your plants needs. There’s probably plant food suited for each one. I bet they could each thrive!

But this way I know that the plants are at least surviving. If one of them needs a little extra water, surely they could all use it.

What’s good for the cactus is just going to have to work for the others.

I even put some fake plants in there to inspire my other plants to do better.

3 thoughts on “March 31 My Plants

  1. I love this! And isn’t it so true, just care for each of us, don’t neglect us but if you do keep it to a minimum, we will forgive. I also love your little plant garden, even the fake plants, lol. I worked in a catholic school years ago and my dear colleague, Sister Jean Marie, taught me, “Don’t spoil your plants. They do better with a little neglect, makes them have to figure things out.” Hahaha, kind of true, right?

  2. I like your slice today. I feel like that is how I used to take care of myself. I’d give myself water once a week whether I needed it or not. I’m better at paying attention to what I need. Not perfect at it yet, but better. Thank you for sharing!

  3. That’s an interesting take on looking after indoor plants. I tend to agree, but I have nowhere near as many as you have. I hadn’t thought about the ice cube idea before, thanks for that!

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