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This is my first time participating in the Celebrate link up. Thank you, Ruth Ayres for this awesome Saturday tradition. 

This week is full of celebration!

1) The bat our cats caught tested negative for rabies (I’ll post that story when I can pull myself together enough – talk about stressful waiting!)

2) I have been continuing on my #nerdlution goals and as a bonus, I keep getting to spend time with an amazing friend during work outs. Win-win!

3) Christmas. I try to take mental pictures a lot as a mom- and Christmas time deserves a million. The magic is alive in this house, and I love watching it in my children’s eyes.  H watching the Santa tracker, kids working together to leave cookies and milk (E says “2 kinds, mama. Cow’s milk and almond milk just in case Santa isn’t dairy.”) L seeing the American Girl snack cart on Christmas morning (she knew I wasn’t getting it for her, so she’s very thankful for Santa)

4) My birthday present from my husband and 3 kids. It was a beautiful song they had practiced in secret for days, and then sang for me. With lyrics like: “Mommy, you’re a great cook/Mommy, you read great books./Mommy, You help when we fuss/Mommy, you take care of us!  It was beautiful.  The best present ever.

I hope your last days of 2013 are full of things to celebrate! Soon – 2014! (Whoosh! How did that happen?)