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#nerdlution check in


I forgot to exercise today… Oops.

It isn’t the first time during this second round of #nerdlution. (I’m not even counting the week I was sick. . . )

But, I learned some things this year. . . and I think I have #nerdlution to thank.

I’ve learned:

  • It’s okay. It’s okay to be sick, to forget, to not be great at it. It’s the practice that counts, and the taking care of yourself.
  • Be gentle with yourself. It doesn’t help to be mad about a missed day of exercise. It doesn’t help to think badly about yourself.
  • Get back on the horse elliptical. There’s always tomorrow!

So tomorrow after school, I’ll climb back on the elliptical, do some intervals, and hope that this week’s meetings and grading and planning don’t make me skip my #nerdlution.

Oh – and tonight? Tonight I’ll probably do a plank or two – just because even though it’s okay to forget. . . it still bothers me. Which is something I would never had said about exercise before. Ever. Never. Ever. Never. Ever. Just ask my high school gym teachers. (But that is another post!)

Here's to more days, where I don't forget to exercise!
Here’s a day when I didn’t forget to exercise!