Winter Break Slice-A-Day Challenge #6

I’ve challenged my 6th graders to a Slice-A-Day during our winter break…I will attempt to keep up with the challenge as well!


From my chair I see

From my chair I see 
a darkened living room - even the Christmas tree is dark
Mr. Thought's slippered feet at the chair where he is asleep
Not one, but two blankets on the floor
Not one, but only 2 dog toys on the floor 
A sweatshirt hung over a chair
A pile of sleeping dog on the couch
My laptop battery power dipping below 15%

Behind me I can't see the the kitchen
with a counter full of 
a collapsed gingerbread house
leftover sugar I missed when I attempted to clean up
paper with scribbles, a set of markers
a jacket, a pile of new socks, a flash drive
a lego magazine, a bag of gum, a water bottle
a bottle of mod podge and one of tomato juice
a box of Christmas wrapping trash, an old paintbrush, a coloring book
a sink full of dishes,
and more...
and more...

I'm not going to turn around
I'm not going to turn around
I'm going to turn on the Christmas lights, 
sit next to my sleeping dog
and read.

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