Winter Break Slice-A-Day Challenge #7

I’ve challenged my 6th graders to a Slice-A-Day during our winter break…I will attempt to keep up with the challenge as well!

Written last night… posted today… still counts! 🙂

Are you making plans for 2017? Choosing your one word? Resolving to be better? I love New Years… It’s just that my favorite New Year’s is the September one. I love fresh starts, blank slates …. It’s just that my favorite blank slates are chalkboards and whiteboards…

I’ve never been a fan of the ball drop, countdown, January New Year’s. You can check the tapes– high school parties filmed by a young Mr. Thought. You’ll see people counting down, yelling, hooting. Then he pans to me. I count down a smile  on my face, but exasperation in my eye (roll).

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a good resolution. Like I said, I like blank slates, new beginnings. I’m trying to focus my intentions for 2017. What you focus on grows…

Trouble is… there’s so much to focus on!

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