Winter Break Slice-A-Day Challenge #8

I’ve challenged my 6th graders to a Slice-A-Day during our winter break…I will attempt to keep up with the challenge as well!

Yesterday I had to stop by my classroom to get library books that were due… so I dragged my kids with me intending to to grab to the books and then go home. As we walked down the steps though, the kids started asking if we could stay a bit.

Hmmm… possibilities started popping into my head of small projects I could do in my classroom.

“Are you sure?” I asked, trying not to get my hopes up as I put away my holiday decorations. In response, they got out some legos and dice, and started playing a game. I happily labeled my new nonfiction books (read a few too!) and then asked again, “You guys okay hanging out a little bit longer?”

They hardly looked away from their game to nod their heads. So, I put my nonfiction books out on display…

Their game was over, but now they were all playing legos… So, I organized my new fiction books…

They were still playing…


I told the kids we should get going. They didn’t want to… so I filed some papers, cleaned off my desk, and graded a stray late quiz.

Finally they agreed to go. They cleaned up the legos, I grabbed my library books and off we went.

As we walked back to the car I realized it had been over 2 hours of no bickering, kids playing together, and getting some of my work done.

A Christmas miracle for sure.

(And I think a short book called “If you give a teacher time in her room…”)

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