#sol19 March 2: I miss, I love

Slice of LIfePart of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers March Slice a Day Challenge! I’m slicing every day this month. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


I miss, I love: Middle School Teaching Edition 

I miss my own group of kids
who come to school in various stages of awake each morning
I love starting each day with them
“a new day with no mistakes in it- yet.” (Thanks L.M. Montgomery)

I miss laughing with my kids
who get to know my brand of humor from day one
I love telling them the muffin joke every so often
2 muffins sit in the oven. One says, “Oh my! It’s getting hot in here.” The other muffin says “ACK! A talking Muffin!”

I miss telling them
“You will love reading more than you ever have”
I love giving book recommendations
and threatening them with automatic suspension if they give me a spoiler to a book I haven’t read yet

I miss putting out a special snack and
surprising them with extra recess
I love not giving them homework
reminding them that it means we need to work so hard in school – It’s our job

I miss showing them that I understand
that I’m human, I make mistakes
I love helping them learn from mistakes
showing them the power of vulnerability

I miss sharing note-booking and sketch-noting
anchor charts and visual notes
I love watching more and more kids bring their pencil cases
full of colorful flair pens to the carpet each day

I miss their poetry
and writing with them every day
I love the challenge of figuring out what they need
and carrying my conferring toolkit around with me

I miss teaching
and being a second home to 50 or so 6th graders
I love how people always said, “6th grade? You must be a saint!”
and I would laugh to myself, knowing, secretly that 6th graders rock, and I’m the luckiest teacher in the world

8 thoughts on “#sol19 March 2: I miss, I love

  1. I feel like I could write this myself. I retired from teaching in 2017 and it seems harder to write slices now. Last year I worked hard at noticing and at writing ideas down. I think I deleted as many posts as I wrote. But. I did it. And, evidently, (a surprise to me) I’m going to write again this year! Here’s to finding slicing moments.

  2. I’m captured by the wistfulness in your post. The note-booking, the sketchnoting, the flair pens…such specific and evocative details for all of us with an identity as a literacy teacher.

  3. Love this format! I’m saving it for a future slice. And as a fellow 6th grade teacher, they are simply the best human beings on the planet! I’ve been retired for five years now & I still miss them.

  4. Gorgeous. I’m right there with you. I love being with my kids. So completely alive when in our beautiful classroom. Your mention of books and on being a human. How many times a week do I find the need to mention my humanness? Thank you for sharing this slice of your life.


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