#sol19 March 1 March Again

Slice of LIfePart of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers March Slice a Day Challenge! I’m slicing every day this month. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


So. March again.

I have forgotten how to write on command like this. Daily.

I searched for slices today, and I wonder if maybe it’s harder now.
There are so many stories each day that aren’t my own to tell.

I walked down the steps, laughing at myself for being scared to fall down the steep steps… scared enough to put my hand on the railing – the one that hundreds of kids’ germy hands have touched.

“A slice!” I think.

I walk out of the building with a teacher I’m getting to know this year, and we chat about our spring break plans, and thank each other for the great work these days.
“Not really a slice.” I think. Although it was a nice chat.

I walk to my car, and realize it is almost pinned in by the car behind it.
I hate backing up so close to another car, but thank goodness for the backup camera.
It’s touch and go. But then, I go.

I search the street as I drive for a little slice of life.

At home, my kids have slices. But they aren’t mine to tell.

So. March again.
This is going to take practice.

10 thoughts on “#sol19 March 1 March Again

  1. You got this. For me, the real challenge kicks in towards the end… topics somehow become scarce. I spent some time a few days ago making a list. Let’s see how it goes. As for you, just wait. The ideas will flow.

    1. Yes! The end has it’s own challenges…usually it’s maybe the first day and then the last few days that are hard for me…. I don’t know why it feels harder this year! I love that people make lists of slice ideas… I haven’t ever done it that way, but I may need to this year!

  2. Your noticings ended up being a full Slice! Perhaps that’s just what you should do–pencil those noticings throughout the day, and Slice about them. Perhaps one will inspire more than others and open a door for more words…

    1. I have a little notebook that I use to collect Joy through the day — when I remember to bring it to school. You’re right – I should jot slices too!

  3. The important thing is that you’re on the lookout for Slices again. You’ll find them. I loved reading your micro-slices, though. (GERMS!! Back-up cameras!)

  4. I love your post. It’s real and beautifully worded…which only proves that some of the best writing comes out of those small slices of writing. Those small moments you consider…reminds me of meditation…the ability to watch your thoughts. I’m super hesitant about this journey, as I haven’t really written in two years or so. I feel rusty and completely inadequate; but then I remind myself that at least I had the courage to throw myself into this “little” challenge. Your words reassure me and make me feel like, yeah…I can do it! Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much. I really agree with you – it does remind me of meditation! We can feel rusty and inadequate together – but you are right – the courage to throw yourself in … we can do this!

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