#sol21 March 19 I miss the good ol’ days

Slice of LIfe
Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers March Slice a Day Challenge! I’m slicing every day this month. Thanks for stopping by!

I miss the good ol’ days

I miss barbies
on the floor with Keely
where we built whole villages and had entire dramas play out for hours

I miss Kings Quest
on the old IBM with the joystick
and listening to Madonna tapes over and over until all lyrics were memorized

I miss drama class
at the Art Center with Margie
who walked up the steps from the snack machine with me before we took our acting exercises very seriously

I miss long walks
in the neighborhood with Rachel
when walking was the only way to have freedom and we would talk and laugh

I miss college lunch dates
at the Hub with Sara
where we piled salad, sprouts and ranch into plastic containers and chose a roll with care

I miss Must See TV
on the couch with Greg
and all the characters- from Friends to ER – that we had to check in with each week

I miss teaching
in the 6th grade hall with the Wolves
because once a Wolf, always a Wolf and if you were ever a Wolf, previously known as a Wolverine, you know what I mean without this verse of poetry

I miss late night get togethers
in my living room with Kris and Mardi
who would sneak over after my kids fell asleep, and patiently stay if I had to nurse a baby back to sleep

I miss traveling
to New York with Kris and Mardi and Krista
and the growing traditions of dinner and walking and the constant search for a perfect piece of pizza for Kris

I miss staycations
that were really vacations with Sara’s family
when the kids piled up to watch movies or play games and the grown ups talked and Jason made the drinks

I miss backyard fun
which was actually inside at Kathleen’s
when we gathered together to enjoy fine wine and also BBQ chips but best of all, each others’ company

I miss the good ol’ days
which I get are also happening right now
while I reflect on the good ol’ days from before

6 thoughts on “#sol21 March 19 I miss the good ol’ days

  1. This is such a powerful structure here. What really resonates with me is the way your nostalgia reaches way far back, and then a bit closer, and closer, and closer. It makes me think so differently about nostalgia as an impulse. IS there a memory too recent to grow nostalgic over? Now that I wonder about it, I’m not so sure about that. Thanks for such a thought-provoking slice today!

  2. I love this. I was never a Wolf but I had a teacher in my room today during writing who used to be a classroom teacher and I wondered if she missed it. I think I would if I was doing something else. King’s Quest brought back memories and I thought of Mardi’s radiant smile. Yes, there will be things from these days you will miss too. I miss Sunday nights with my boys.

  3. I love the format… and I miss the Wolves team, too! I feel so lucky to have spent eight years with such an amazing and loving team of people.

    It’s also so hard to believe that another year will go by without visiting NYC… and I don’t think my heart is ready to do the trip yet. ❤

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