#sol21 March 20 Starbucks Drive-Thru

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I totally know better, but I still ordered mobile app Starbucks for drive-thru. It was just E and me in the van, but we wanted others to enjoy the coffee treat too. I texted to see if they wanted some, but didn’t hear back. . .

L and I have wanted to try some of their new oat milk iced lattes, and she had her driver’s test today. I thought I could bring her home a latte that would either be a “Congratulations!” or an”It’s okay! Better luck next time!” latte. I ordered hers without ice in case she wasn’t home yet. I’m considerate like that.

Then Mr. Thought texted to say they had gotten Dunkin.

There was nothing to do about it though, so E and I waited in the drive-thru line for over a half an hour. It’s just funny when you know better but you don’t do better, you know?

“Let’s just remember,” I said –

“Never to go to Starbucks on a Saturday?” E finished.

The thing about being in a line for so long is that you have a lot of time to chat, and to think.

I thought about how I should try to grab a spot and just walk in. But grabbing a spot with the traffic in that parking lot seemed worse than waiting in the line that curved around the building. So instead, we waited.

I wanted to know if L had passed her test. But I knew she’d want to tell me in person. So I just waited.

Finally we were just a few cars away from the window. At the speaker the barista informed me I couldn’t have it without ice because “for that drink, the ice makes the drink.” I maybe should have canceled her drink, since she got her Dunkin, but it was too complicated.

At last we were at the window and our drinks were on the way!

And then I knew why I had to go through the drive-thru today. It was because of the sign that makes me laugh. When I look at it, I think it is saying “Can drive! Can drive! Can drive!” Like a motivational cheer for those in the drive-thru. Last time I was at that window I tried, unsuccessfully to tell the barista why I was laughing.

It’s A CAN DRIVE. Like to collect cans.

This time I was able to tell E why I was laughing. I was also able to hope that it was a sign that L did indeed pass her driving test.

Can drive! Can drive! Can drive!

And now, friends, she can! 🙂

9 thoughts on “#sol21 March 20 Starbucks Drive-Thru

  1. LOL! I love those moments when you realize that you’re reading something incorrectly. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said, “Oh! I thought is was saying…” This was perfect.

  2. I am not a coffee drinker, but I like what I call the grown-up nondairy milkshake (vanilla bean frappucino) from there. But, it is always mobbed. I’m impressed you waiting in line that long.

    I LOVE the can drive part! I do that all too frequently – reading one way when it was intended another. Thanks for the chuckle.

  3. I am laughing; I totally read “can” as a verb instead of a noun and was trying to figure it out before I finished reading your slice. Congrats to L on passing her test!

  4. This post makes me smile for about 18 different directions. First of all, I identify with having a great joke that’s just too much to explain. I also love the way you all thought about one another. Now. Inquiring minds want to know. How was the oat milk latte?

  5. Congratulations to L. You are brave! That part of town is a nightmare to navigate due to the two places with long drive thru lines.I hope you enjoyed the latte. By the way I also thought the sign was about driving:)

  6. We have a tiny starbucks by our house, the smallest one I’ve ever seen. The building itself is tiny, no indoor seating only drive thru or pick up window. The line sometimes wraps around the building twice. I agree, though, it’s a good opportunity to chat with teens. And it helps you practice your patience.

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