#sol21 March 26 Mining High School Memories

Slice of LIfe
Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers March Slice a Day Challenge! I’m slicing every day this month. Thanks for stopping by!

I used to re-write all my notes to study for Social Studies tests
Margie and I would sit and eat Pizza Hut pizza in her den and quiz each other
I failed Latin though, basically, in 9th grade – Maybe it was a D.
My teacher paused at my desk and quietly suggested I try Spanish the next year
I loved Spanish

I used to play the piano really fast for recitals
I was up on a stage and I guess I just zoomed through
I loved the way the keys felt, but it was hard to make the time to practice
I quit in eleventh grade and focused on my acting
I loved acting

I used to decorate my bedroom door with intense messages
Animal Rights, Women’s Rights, Quotes and sarcasm too
I was the president of the Animal Rights Club in High School, or maybe co-president
We met in the art teacher’s room and hung signs in the hallway
I loved activism

I used to…
I spoke Spanish
I played the piano
I performed plays
I marched for causes

2 thoughts on “#sol21 March 26 Mining High School Memories

  1. What a thoughtful glimpse into the person you were in high school. It is amazing to think about all of the ways that we’ve evolved over the years – all of those “used tos” that you have – there’s a bit of nostalgia here, but you don’t belabor it. It’s just…sweet and sincere. I do wonder – are there any of these “used tos” that you wish you still had around?

    1. Good question! I think I kinda wish for all of the things still… at least sometimes. Occasionally I sit at my piano and try to play something . . ., and I do regret not keeping up with all of it. But that’s life, I guess! Thanks for another thoughtful comment, Lainie!

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