#Sol21 March 27 Saturday

Slice of LIfe
Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers March Slice a Day Challenge! I’m slicing every day this month. Thanks for stopping by!

I’ve brought my laptop to the deck. My laptop, my to do list and my dog.
The birds are chirping and there’s just a hint of green – Not really in my backyard that is basically a yard of mud and sticks and moss and trees. But out there, somewhere, there is green.

“Did you notice how suddenly the grass is green?” H asked me this morning. And I looked at the front yard and that is when I noticed.

“I love hearing the birds chirping through the phone” my friends said to me this morning. And I listened and that is when I noticed.

Now I’m sitting on my deck, with my laptop and my dog.
I’m thinking about my to do list. I really have a lot of work to do, no joke.
And I love the work that I have to do, no joke.

But did I mention that the birds are chirping and calling?
Did you know my dog is snoozing in the sun?
I can hear kids playing a few yards away.

This must be how procrastination starts. I feel like I’ve paused time for a moment to examine it – that moment of decision: Work or sit back and listen to the birds, maybe read a book? I still don’t know what I’ll decide. Maybe make a cup of tea. Should I go inside and get my notebook, or to the garage to get my favorite deck chair?

I haven’t even mentioned the laundry that is waiting for me inside.

7 thoughts on “#Sol21 March 27 Saturday

  1. Love the duality in this. The ever present battle at the start of spring. I honestly believe that whatever you choose will be fine and the regret that comes with either one will be palatable. Enjoy the new nature and face the consequences of procrastination, or get to work and wallow in all the chirpy sunshine you’re missing. Could be worse, right? Either way, I hope whatever you choose brings you peace on a lovely day! Thank you for sharing

  2. I feel you on this, for SURE. I’ve definitely used this spring break as a BREAK. Problem is, I’ve gotta teach in two days, and I’m a whole lot less prepared than I need to be. But…SUNSHINE…

  3. The inner struggles of adult life. I say stay exactly where you are. Change nothing. You paint such an effortless picture of the bliss around you.

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