A Slice of boundaries

Slice of LIfe
Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers Thanks for stopping by!

It’s cold in the morning
I pull on slippers, and walk downstairs, still yawning
My 2 cats meow.
Luckily, the dog is still sleeping upstairs.

I want to give myself a prize for remembering to set the coffee timer last night
I turn the heat up a few notches, choose a mug, pour my coffee, sit on the couch
with just a few of my mom’s crocheted blankets.

There’s not actually time to be lonely
Talula, the tabby, is content to sit near me for just a moment
She allows me one or two quick scratches on her soft, soft head
Theodore, the orange and white nudging fluff ball?
He wants constant attention
It’s harder than you think to balance coffee, a cat and a phone
So I alternate: Sip coffee and pet the cat; Flip through emails and pet the cat; Sip coffee and pet the cat; Flip through Facebook and pet the cat. . .

I’m in love with quiet mornings on the couch, and time with my cats without my dog’s jealousy.
(Is this betraying my dog? I don’t know…)
It’s cozy here, but I have responsibilities
Theodore purrs and settles in on my lap
He doesn’t understand that I have to shovel, salt, shower, take the dog out, feed the dog…
All before making sure my kids are up and ready for the bus

I look at Theodore, content and fluffy and I know.
I know that it’s time to set some boundaries
As I apologize and stand up, he runs away, disappointed
A few minutes later he is back in his own bed, asleep

Setting boundaries for your cat must be a
stepping stone
to a life-time of healthy boundary setting –

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