#sol22 March 15 Yes!

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Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers March Slice a Day Challenge! I’m slicing every day this month. Thanks for stopping by!

One of my favorite things about Tuesday’s after-school club, Writer’s Society is how much I can say, “yes!” to kids.

Can I do my own story?

Could we collaborate on the story map?

Can you read my story?

Can I use a gold sharpie?

Can I have another notebook?

Can I decorate my notebook some more?

Can I start over?

Can I write science fiction?

Can I write fantasy?

Can I write a graphic novel?

Can I write a song?

Can the three of us write a three-book series?

Can we spend more time planning out and drawing the clothes our characters wear?

Can I take this home?

Can I take this home to work on?

Can I go to the bathroom?

In fact, talking with kids in general is a highlight.

Today a young writer was creating a map of his setting. “I can assure you there will be no death in this story,” he told me. “It’s a mystery, but the main character just wants to find some friends. Behind him, a duo was working on a collaborative story on a shared google doc. They’ve been working together since the first day of our club.

“The sad part is,” one of the boys said to me pointing to his friend “he will be moving not next Friday but the next one.”

We talked a bit about the move, how it would be good and bad. I told them how I moved in 5th grade, and it was tough, but then okay.

They said they were going to “stay connected.”

“He has my mom’s phone number from my birthday invitation,” the friend who is moving said.

“We can facetime.”

I tried to explain that they could maybe continue sharing a google doc for their story, too.

“Would it be okay with you if I finished the story, printed it out, and made it into a book?” the kid who is staying here asked his friend.

“No,” his friend said, still looking at his Chromebook. “I want to keep writing it with you.”

I want to keep writing?

7 thoughts on “#sol22 March 15 Yes!

  1. This is no nice. Your bold one the word “yes” is a great move. And all your lines quoted give your piece authenticity and charm. And the ending is just wonderful. My favorite lines are thekids’, of course: can I use gold sharpie, and I can assure you there will be no death in this story!

  2. wow, I didn’t know there was a club like this after school! Amazing. You are a fun teacher who supplies all of the FUN stuff, pretty paper, glittery pens, etc…These little things do create an awesome environment that frames the experience of writing. Glittery pens MATTER!

  3. I love this so much, what a perfect day “Yes” day is and what a beautiful story of those two kids and how distance still means they can continue to be friends and continue to be creative together and inspire each other. LOVE THIS!!!

  4. This is so special. How lucky these kids are to do this with you and how lucky you are to share this experience with them! Saying yes to creativity is the best. I’m excited to learn more about writing from you!

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