#sol22 March 16 Reminder Card

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Yesterday I checked in at a reception desk. The woman was kind, efficient and things were fine. I probably wouldn’t even reflect at all on the experience, but I happened to look down at her desk area, and saw, what I guess was a company reminder for employees. I snuck a picture.


Suddenly I was evaluating this woman. She had made eye contact, I think she had smiled (Was she supposed to smile the whole time? That would be ridiculous right?) Her posture seemed fine by me. (Is it appropriate for a company to insist on a certain posture?) Her tone of voice was friendly… She hadn’t needed to explain anything. (Should she have?)

Suddenly, I had a lot of questions. Have they always had these reminders? If it is a new initiative, have all previous interactions been less friendly? I don’t think so. If it isn’t new, does that mean all these years, their friendly interactions have been forced by company policy? Yikes!

Would my reminder card be the same?


I don’t think I need to be reminded to smile.
I would take it off, but I know my mom would want “posture” to stay on the list.
I might add a reminder to listen.
Perhaps a reminder to dampen the sarcasm a bit. (I refuse to say “no sarcasm.” Duh.)
Oh, and I need a reminder to drink more water.

My daily reminder card:


What would your daily reminder card say?

6 thoughts on “#sol22 March 16 Reminder Card

  1. Perfect small moment, capturing that sign and your thoughts veering off from it. I like how you repeat in bold the sign and then your own reminder list, also in bold. Your reminders seemed honest. I’m not sure why, but “Dampen sarcasm/More water strikes me as funny. Now I am considering your good question…

  2. I am shocked by the fact these traits do not come natural and have to be taught and practiced well past an age they should have been. Regardless, I like the sense of humor in creating my own list…

  3. You had me wondering how you got the photo. I find myself noticing in public during March and wanting a photo but hesitant about taking it. I would probably have Smile, Posture, More Water and Let It Go on my sign.

  4. I love how you asked a question at the end! Now you really have me thinking about my daily reminders. I am thinking: let it go, take a deep breath, laugh a little, and drink more water!

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