#sol22 March 18 My Backpack

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When I glance at my backpack lately, I wonder why it is suddenly fraying on the straps. And sometimes I know I close it, but by the time I get to my van, the zipper has somehow opened. I feel like I just got my backpack… Until I realize it was actually in 2016. 2016? I think it was when I started coaching that I needed a new backpack and treated myself to this pretty one. I remember when it was new, and I had such high hopes of keeping everything organized in the little zippers and compartments.

I go back and forth. Should I get a new backpack? Should I just wait it out? I mean, it still carries things. I still like the design. I should just save the money, right? Who cares if it’s a little faded and frayed? I decide to just clean it out, re-organize, and embrace its vintage feel.

But yesterday I put my backpack in the van and noticed something flutter down.

It used to be a bright, pretty pattern!

I mean, I’m guessing that if it is going to start to actually fall apart, piece by piece, I should start to look for a new backpack.

3 thoughts on “#sol22 March 18 My Backpack

  1. “I think it was when I started coaching that I treated myself…” really jumps out at me. It is funny how particular belongings get more wear and tear in our hectic lives as educators.

  2. If only your backpack could TALK! (…I might bring it home for an overnight to talk to it). It’s always a good time to treat yourself. But wait until you find a REALLY perfect one that you CAN’T live without! No rush!

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