March 1 A Teacher Like You

I’m writing every day of March for the Slice of Life Challenge at Two Writing Teachers.

I’ve been spending time in third grade lately. We’ve been writing up a storm in our notebooks. They are filled with our thinking work: words and sentences, claims and reasons, taped in pieces of evidence, to-do lists… They are a beautiful mess!

Today, the teacher started by reading Abdul’s Story by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow and the kids were rapt with attention. So was I.

In this story, Abdul loves to write, but struggles too. (So do I.)

But then a published author comes to his classroom, sees how upset Abdul is about his messy work and says, “I want to show you my notebook.”

This is one of those picture books that cause watering eyes and a tingling nose.

Of course, the author’s notebook is messy. Writing is messy. Abdul is a writer!

The story is sad before it’s uplifting, and when Abdul was having a particularly hard time with his writing, the boy sitting in front of me couldn’t hold in his comment.

“That’s where he needs YOU as a teacher!” He shouted out to his teacher.

That might have been when my eyes started to water and my nose started to tingle. It was just so sweet, so perfect. I must have made a sound like, “Awe.”

He turned around, eyes big. I think for some reason he felt bad that he didn’t include me. It wasn’t necessary but it was nice when he added with a smile, “Or you!”

5 thoughts on “March 1 A Teacher Like You

  1. Awww. That is such a sweet story! And a fantastic book recommendation! I teach third grade and this is a perfect book for my class. Thanks for the slice and the book idea!

  2. Sweet moment with a book shout out- my kind of post 🙂 the line about them possibly feeling bad they didn’t include you at first made me think of when the kids come in with birthday treats and they offer to their 2nd grade teacher who clearly wasn’t me and I don’t know them and feel obligated to offer me one, as well- as an afterthought

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