March 5 Projects

I’m writing every day of March for the Slice of Life Challenge at Two Writing Teachers.

My mom measured and marked giant pieces of cork today, and then drew straight lines before cutting with a small blade.

We’re working on my basement, but I kept thinking back to when I was in elementary and middle school and got big projects. My mom would measure and mark and help me make the lines straight. She’d also help me plan, draw and execute the best school projects.

Do you remember book reports? Research projects you did mostly at home? What was all that homework all about? I don’t know – but I do know that one year of elementary school I did my whole report on a scroll of paper that we then installed in a cardboard box. The box had a large square cut out of it, and was decorated like a TV. To view the report, you twisted a dowel rod to scroll the paper past the whole.

Man, I wish I had that Cardboard box TV report to look at one more time!

I might not have any of my old projects from school, but, 35+ years later, I still have my mom and dad helping me with new projects! How lucky is that?

4 thoughts on “March 5 Projects

  1. Wonderful slice, Ona! The descriptiveness of the present moment, and the harkening back to a memory. And like you, I feel so lucky to still have my mom and dad helping me with many of life’s projects!

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