March 4 My Dream Has Come True

I wasn’t sure I heard him right.

“I want to do some writing today.”

Apparently my son isn’t getting as much done as he wants on his story he’s writing in school.

I had a quick idea. I didn’t think it would work. I said, “Well…where do you want to do your writing? Do you want to write here, or do you want to like go to a cafe or something?”

Knowing that usually my ideas are not my 13 year-old’s favorite, I waited with bated breath.

“That sounds fun,” he cautiously said. “We could go to Barnes and Noble, and then we could maybe look at books too.”


We packed our bags, dropped my 16 year-old off at work, and drove to Barnes and Noble.

(Bonus point for me: Before I could forget, I dropped off the 5 goodwill bags that have been in my van for a week since Goodwill is next to Barnes and Noble!)

With our bags slung on our shoulders, we walked through the store to find a table. A toy played “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.”

Like the embarrassing mother of teenagers that I am, I clapped my hands. Lightly.

My son smiled and said a little sarcastically, “Are you happy?”

And just as I thought it, he said it. “Is this your dream come true?”

4 thoughts on “March 4 My Dream Has Come True

  1. That IS a dream come true. It reminds me that right before recess one day this week, one of my reluctant readers told me he wished he could stay and read rather go to lunch…I made him repeat what he said. Then I, literally jumped up and down clapping. I’m betting you had an amazing time at B&N.

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