March 17 Not To Complain, But. . .

I’m writing every day of March for the Slice of Life Challenge at Two Writing Teachers

Not to complain, but this morning I reached my hand into a pocket of my backpack , right as I was about to leave the house, and I really shouldn’t have done that. The top to my bright pink lip gloss had gotten off somehow. Magenta gloss dripped off of pens and post-its, and an old mask and mini-notebook. As I tried to wipe things off my cat jumped up and started investigating. Finally, I just decided to put everything into a grocery bag, stuff a paper towel into that pocket and go.

Not to complain, but it was raining on my dog walk this afternoon, and also I wondered why my dog’s poop was green. Then I noticed the lego. So I guess it’s nice that he didn’t complain. But, he really shouldn’t be eating legos.

Not to complain, but there were 4 jelly beans left, until one dropped to the floor and that same dog chased after it and grabbed it before I could even see where it landed.

And that’s just the kind of day – well week this has been.

I mean, not to complain.

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