March 2 A Slice of Waking Up

I’m writing every day of March for the Slice of Life Challenge at Two Writing Teachers.

I want to know how my cats know it’s 5:42, and also why they can’t just wait 3 minutes for my alarm to wake me up.

Maybe they know I’ll hit snooze.

But, I can’t snooze Theodore. He’s the fluffiest cat I’ve ever known, and usually the chillest too. But, like clockwork he jumps on my nightstand and starts swatting things off of it to wake me up. It is almost always at 5:42. It’s not really my favorite way to wake up, hearing my books hit the floor. This morning I noticed the spray bottle I had set out to try to stop this situation was also on the floor. Well, that strategy won’t work I guess.

The cats pace around until I get up and then then chase each other down the steps, ready for breakfast. It’s actually super cute, or would be if it weren’t 5:45 in the morning.

If they are this smart, I could probably teach them to press “Brew Now” on my coffee maker.

This morning they were heartbroken. I forgot to set up the coffee maker last night, so before I fed them, I had to get the coffee started. Luckily they get over the sting of betrayal much faster that I do, and they were able to enjoy their breakfast.

Just like every morning, Clyde kept me company while I drank my coffee. Although, I think he was wondering why my hands were busy writing instead of petting him.

5 thoughts on “March 2 A Slice of Waking Up

  1. Nothing beats an early morning full of cats to give a great start to the day….. great humour in your telling. I just need to point out that you are fortunate as our cat is currently waking me up at 4.13 almost on the dot every day….!

  2. I LOVE this post. And quite frankly, my sense is that cats will look at ANYTHING we do and wonder why we’re doing *that thing* instead of petting them. That look in the photo says it ALL.

  3. What a wake up call! I’m pretty sure I’d dislike being startled awake by crashing items, but that face is pretty cute, so it’d be easy to forgive him.

  4. This just has me more convinced that little N is a cat…all of it- the wake up time, the wake up antics, the horror when you do something before help them (for me it’s use the restroom), the forgiveness immediately following, the company they provide, even that look. You’re right, it would be cute if it wasn’t so early

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