March 3 Dreamy

I’m writing every day of March for the Slice of Life Challenge at Two Writing Teachers.

When I woke up this morning, I was already hours late for work. We had driven and driven, but I could not get to school.
I had also burned a bunch of bagels for my daughter and her friends in some big old house I’ve never seen before. There was an unsuccessful search for vegan cream cheese at a very strange Walmart.

I’m not going to look that up in a dream dictionary. I am going to blame the dream for my all day headache, the jelly I somehow spilled on my hair this morning, and the fact that the dog woke up early and I had to take him out when it was still dark.

Shoot. I actually did look up dreaming of bagels. Did you know this was a thing? Especially the cream cheese part. Wild.

“…An unfilled cream cheese bagel symbolizes the absence of an essential component of one’s life.” That’s what this website says anyway.

Do you look up your dreams? Do you remember your dreams? I find them fascinating.

5 thoughts on “March 3 Dreamy

  1. Your dreams … the details you remember … and then their meaning… Was the jelly in your hair real or a dream?

  2. I don’t dream often or at least I don’t remember my dreams often but recently I had a dream between my Alarm and the Snooze alarm that was terrifyingly real. I was driving and falling asleep and my car veered off the road. How could I have such a vivid dream in such a short amount of time??

  3. I once looked up a dream and haven’t ever since. The result was too…..true?
    Your first sentence made my heart palpitate. I hope your headache eased, and that the jelly made for a great condiioner!

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